Eyes Of The Prey – Three strangers brutally beat and rape

Alex Tallman has never hurt another human being. As a nurse she has dedicated her life to the care of others…until one shattering night her whole life changes forever. Three strangers brutally beat and rape Alex. She is abandoned naked. A victim no more, she pursues her assailants relentlessly. At a firing range she designs her revenge for her targets in a tight pattern of 45 mm. slugs to the groin. At night she stalks her tormentors and returns in kind the terror they inflicted upon her – SNUFF SEX MOVIE

Size: 699 МБ
Length: 01:31:22
Resolution: 544×400
Type: AVI
Genres: Snuff Full Movies, Snuff Sex, Snuff Porn, Asphyxia Sex, Necro Sex, Death Fetish, Snuff Fetish


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