Hisuikyou Kitan vol01

General Info:
File Name: 0292 GURO Hisuikyou Kitan vol01
Total Pages: 196
Size: 56.3 MB

Genre: anime guro, doujinshi guro, manga guro, bloody hentai, gore hentai
cannibalism guro, snuff hentai, amputee anime, torture guro, violence guro, monster guro
エログロ、マンガグロ、アニメグロ、同人誌グロ, rape guro, snuff guro

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Description: This session was rough. I couldn’t believe it could be. The last time my Master had me in his grip, I left tired and weak, weary from all the orgasms he made me have. I can’t resist my Master’s need to bound my wrists with stiff leather straps, chained to posts pulling my arms apart. He also chains my ankles to the floor. I was surprised to see my Master again. I suppose I must move further away. He would probably find me anyway. This time he chained my neck and hands to a post. I wanted more of my Master and his merciless disgrace. That’s exactly what I got. This time around he tied me to a crate, on my knees and hands, easy for my mouth and pussy

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