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She had a nice time with her boyfriend; staying in a nice hotel for the last week. But, he had to go back to work and caught a flight a day early. She had one more night to enjoy herself before classes started on Monday.

A knock at her door had her nervous.a girl, aloneshe was vulnerable to some creeper who might have seen her this week. But, she was being paranoid. It was just hotel maintenance. But when she opened the doorit was the desk clerk, and he did not look friendly. She bolted for the stairs but he tasered her and got her under his control. Be quiet, be compliant. She might live.

Jade was engaged in deep conversation with her friend when two rounds pierced her belly and chest. She stood in shock, not quite realizing what had happened, but suddenly weak, her phone dropping to the floor.

What she did not know is an assassin, nearly 1/2 mile away, had shot her. And the third shot was on it’s way..

..piercing her through the forehead. She dropped to the floor, dead.

When he arrived, he looked at his target, sprawled out on the floor, then dragged her out of the room.

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Jelliana, Brook, and Delta are hanging out in the employee kitchen when Ivy bursts in with news that she might actually be pregnant! She hasn’t gone to the doctor yet, but Jelliana luckily has a pregnancy test for her to use, after a scare of her own. She goes off to the bathroom to quickly take it.

Meanwhile, Rock furiously enters Delta’s office looking for Ivy. He wants to she her NOW! Delta cannot disclose her whereabouts and Rock quickly attacks her, wrapping a phone cord around her neck and strangling her. She struggled hard, bringing him down to the floor. Ivy’s scorned lover is no match for her and she goes limp after several minutes. He props her in her office chair with one leg on her desk.

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In the near future a plague is killing middle age men. It is called Deadly Loop Dream Syndrome and caused them to have constant waking dreams that eventually render them exhausted and their hearts eventually fail. The only cure is by a specialized psyho-therapist who must break the dream cycle with a special, patterned technique. Often, it does not work.

Today, a dying blind man in a last ditch effort to save himself finds one of these special doctors and starts a session.