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MIRROR – ALWAYS LIVE LINKS – SiteRip SiteRip – Fear Snuff Movies (Peachy Keen Films) SiteRip – 270 Clips

She had a nice time with her boyfriend; staying in a nice hotel for the last week. But, he had to go back to work and caught a flight a day early. She had one more night to enjoy herself before classes started on Monday.

A knock at her door had her nervous..a girl, alone-she was vulnerable to some creeper who might have seen her this week. But, she was being paranoid. It was just hotel maintenance. But when she opened the door-it was the desk clerk, and he did not look friendly. She bolted for the stairs but he tasered her and got her under his control. Be quiet, be compliant. She might live.

Jade was engaged in deep conversation with her friend when two rounds pierced her belly and chest. She stood in shock, not quite realizing what had happened, but suddenly weak, her phone dropping to the floor.

What she did not know is an assassin, nearly 1/2 mile away, had shot her. And the third shot was on it’s way…

…piercing her through the forehead. She dropped to the floor, dead.

When he arrived, he looked at his target, sprawled out on the floor, then dragged her out of the room.

Categories: Bloody Game, RolePlay Snuff, Stabbing, Bagging, Rape, Strangling, Nurse

PKF Studios (Peachy Keen Films) SiteRip – 61 Clips

Tags: Bagging, Bloody Game, Nurse, Rape, RolePlay Snuff, Stabbing, Strangling


Jelliana, Brook, and Delta are hanging out in the employee kitchen when Ivy bursts in with news that she might actually be pregnant! She hasn’t gone to the doctor yet, but Jelliana luckily has a pregnancy test for her to use, after a scare of her own. She goes off to the bathroom to quickly take it.

Meanwhile, Rock furiously enters Delta’s office looking for Ivy. He wants to she her NOW! Delta cannot disclose her whereabouts and Rock quickly attacks her, wrapping a phone cord around her neck and strangling her. She struggled hard, bringing him down to the floor. Ivy’s scorned lover is no match for her and she goes limp after several minutes. He props her in her office chair with one leg on her desk.

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In the near future a plague is killing middle age men. It is called Deadly Loop Dream Syndrome and caused them to have constant waking dreams that eventually render them exhausted and their hearts eventually fail. The only cure is by a specialized psyho-therapist who must break the dream cycle with a special, patterned technique. Often, it does not work.

Today, a dying blind man in a last ditch effort to save himself finds one of these special doctors and starts a session.

Psycho-Thrillers Rape and Snuff

Psycho-Thrillers SiteRip – 384 Clips [UPDATE]

A ruthless businesswoman refuses to give up her company after a scandal involving a fatal vaccine, so she is murdered and taken sexually by her assassin.

A woman getting ready for a night out is surprised by an intruder, has forced sex, and is strangled to death in her pantyhose.

Categories: Rape, Abusive Game, Strangling, RolePlay Snuff, Asphyxiation, MegaPack

Psycho-Thrillers SiteRip – 176 Clips

Tags: Abusive Game, Asphyxiation, Rape, RolePlay Snuff, Strangling

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A man comes to repossess a car, woman tries to stop him and is assaulted and murdered.
Two guys, one girl
Leather jacketed woman
Strappy sandal footwear
Knockdown punch, woman unconscious
Facial bruise, blood on mouth
Limp carrying
Unconscious hand job
Partial victim-stripping
Hard unconscious sex with blood
Second man in room, sleeping off hard drinking
Woman wakes up, struggles
Hand over mouth to prevent screaming, manual smother
Victim lifted, draped over edge of couch, blood wiped away
First man leaves, drunk man wakes up, discovers sexy body
Drunk man has sex with body
Drunk man also leaves – final pose of body on arm of couch
Other fetish elements: postmortem twitching, drool, death stare – Snuff, Rape and Necro sex – SITERIP

PSYCHO-THRILLERS SITERIP 268 Hardcore Videos | 57.16 GB
Best megapack of Snuff, Rape and Necro sex + bonus 50 videos in Alfred Hitchcock Style Horror

Petite Blonde
After kidnapping and assaulting a beautiful young woman, she is dragged into bed
Woman is nude, with restraint cuffs on wrists and ankles
She is arranged on her knees, forced to give one man BJ
Second man fingers and licks her pussy
She continues forced fellatio while second man mounts her from behind
Men switch positions, flip her on her back for more rough sex
Hair pulling, choking
More hard three-way sex in multiple positions
Finally they use the restraint cuffs to spread eagle her on the bed
One man bottle-fucks her while the other takes another BJ
She is flipped over and anal raped with a dildo
Both men take turns ass-fucking her while she fellates the other man
Rough forced sex continues
She is dragged off the bed and kneels on the floor
She gives her tormentors double BJ until both men cum
They bring her back up on the bed, cuff her hands behind her back
She pleads with them, but one gets out a heavy blue rope
He whips it around her neck from behind and starts to strangle her
One man finger fucks her while she strangles
She thrashes wildly, choking and gurgling
She dies, with wide-eyed death stare and mouth drool
Ligature mark on neck
Men uncuff the body, drag her around a little on the bed
They leave the body face up, death-staring

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2 Girls, 2 Guys
Two sisters relax poolside, one blonde, one brunette
Sexy bikini swimwear
A man comes to the door, blonde answers it
Man claims to be a roofer, tries to get job doing girls’ house
Blonde tells him off, first politely, then bluntly
Man returns to his car, second man is there
They decide to “teach girls a lesson”
First man takes out pistol and they return to the house
Blonde answers door again
She is surprised, but before she can protest he pulls gun
Man puts gun to her head, covers her mouth
Both men enter the house
The blonde is menaced at gunpoint
They make her call for her sister
When brunette comes in, they accost her too
Women are forced to their knees and roughly fondled
Their bikini tops are removed and used to tie their hands
Both women are shoved kneeling face down onto sectional couch
Their bikini bottoms are stripped away
Men fondle them harshly
The women are pulled back to the floor, kneeling upright
First man opens his pants and women are forced to give him BJ
Women are horrified and afraid, but they obey
Hair pulling, forced fellatio
Second man also opens pants, women are made to suck both cocks
Various double BJ combinations
First man lies back on sectional, wraps legs around both women
They are forced to give him more fellatio
Second man returns and takes away brunette sister
She is gagged and cuffed spread eagle in bedroom

SusyFight SiteRip – RolePlay Snuff, Amazons

SusyFight Snuff SiteRip – 626 Clips

Categories: RolePlay Snuff, Amazons, F/F, Death Fetish, Bloody, Fighting, MegaPack

SusyFight SiteRip – 626 Clips

Tags: Amazons, Bloody, Death Fetish, F/F, Fighting, RolePlay Snuff

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A lot of bullets, After work pistol attack, Amazon love and hate 1, Amazon love and hate 2, Anita is my lover, Annica the naked stabber, Annicas revenge, Arena Kristina vs Emese, Arena Kristina vs Gaby, Arms dealer, Arrow trap, Arrowed sexy navels, Attacked from behind, Bad game, Bayonet execution, Bedfight, Belly stabbing girlfriend, Bellydancers revenge, Bellywound, Bikini murder, Bitten and stabbed, Blade for the jewelry, Blades in Annica, Blades in Crista and Kristina, Blindfolded and shot, Bloody exercise, Bloody exercise 2, Bound and stabbed, Bullet for knifing, Bullet for poison, Champaigne fight, Champaigne stabbing, Chat and shoot 1, Chat and shoot 2, Cheating lover shot, Choking and knifing 1, Choking and knifing 2, Claudia and Crista run through, Claudia gutted by Annica, Cowgirls and the document, Crista strangled, Crista vs Claudia, Dance and jealousy, Dancers and the vampire, Deadly Reform School, Easy to find her, End of the movie, Fallen top, Fatal casting 1, Fatal casting 2, Fight with shields, Fistfight and knifing 1, Fistfight and knifing 2, Fitness girls 1, Fitness girls 2, Fitness girls 3, Forgive me, Four girls fight, Furious gang leader, Gladiatrix Olympia I, Gladiatrix Olympia II, Gladiatrix Olympia III, Gladiatrix Olympia IV, Gladiatrix Olympia V, Gladiatrix Olympia VI, Green Grass Girls 1, Green Grass Girls 2, Guards fate, Gymnast girls 1, Gymnast girls 2, Hammer, High boots rapier fight, Hostage execution, Hot lead in the office, Imprisoned and shoot, In the navel only, Interrogation, Kickboxers triumph, Knife killer, Lady Blonde, Last Night Together, Leather and rapier, Let me sleep, Let me work, Lovers in the fitness club, Monicas revenge, Mortal triangle 1, Mortal triangle 2, My lover left me, My navel, Naked thief in the box, Nude after work fight, Office Accident, Officer Tatiana, Orsi shot at home 1, Orsi shot at home 2, Orsi takes the prey, Pierce my belly, Pitchfork in the belly Part1, Pitchfork in the belly Part2, Poser girls 1, Poser girls 2, Prisoners execution, Rapier stabbings 1, Rapier stabbings 2, Read and stab, Samurai swords, Screwdriver in the prison, Sexy bloody navel, Shields and swords, Shot and stripped Part1, Shot and stripped Part2, Shot for her jewelery, Slaughtergirls Part 1, Slaughtergirls Part 2, Spears in the arena 3, Special execution, Stabbed and shot on the bed, Stabbing Anita and Claudia, Stabbing show of Claudia, Stake stabbed in Orsi, Struggle in the arena, Sword duel, The commando raid, The drug baroness, The drug is mine, The mistress gunned down, The naked killer, The revenge of the ghost, The revenge of the ghost 2, The signed judgment, The sniper, The terrorist and her clones, The winner gets the girls, Training attack, Traitors execution, Triple suicide in the jail, Troublemakers message, Unlucky meeting, Vampire assault 1, Vampire assault 2, Vampire assault 3, Vampire assault 4, Victoria attacked by hitwomen, Victoria the gang leader, Victory of Victoria, Wanted Annica, Where is the prisoner, Who stabbed Emese in the belly, With two knives against two girls, Woody swordswomen 1, Woody swordswomen 2, You cant escape, You cant shot a vampire

SlayMates SiteRip – Snuff HardCore Porn Videos

SlayMates Snuff SiteRip

Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy for ADULTS

Strangulation Photo Sets Full Catalog Shooting Stabbing Hanging Suffocation/Asphyx Crime Scene Drowning Bludgeoning/Beating Impaling Body Handling Poison Neck Break Photosets w/ Related Video Avbl. Body Pans Arrow Shots Machine Gunning Air Injection/Air Embolism Videos Full Catalog Video w/ Related Photoset Avbl. ALL PRODUCTS Analog Video erotic horror, fantasy, science fiction

Categories: Snuff Play, LQ, Old Movies, Injection, Embolism, Arrow Shots, Arrow Stabs, Asphyxiation, Beating, Body Handling, Body Pans, Bondage, Death Twitches, Electrocution, Fangs, Impaling, Machine Gunning, Neck Break, Overdose, Poison, Shooting, Stabbing, Strangulation, Suffocation/Bagging, Sword, MegaPack

Erotic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy for ADULTS

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2 Kills, Shooting, Topless, Full Nudity, Blood. The same story has been told 4 ways. Spy breaks in, is surprised, and is shot to death. Here are the third and fourth tellings. Segment 3 Topless, Segment 4 Topless, Blood. A Killer Daydream is just a dream, so there may be no blood, and it could take an unreal amount of stabs or shots to kill someone. Either you are the killer or someone else is the killer. The victims could be willing, unwilling, terrified, unsuspecting, or trying to kill you.Have fun, it’s only a daydream!

SeductiveStudio SiteRip – Domination, Fight, Death Fetish, Rape

SeductiveStudio SiteRip – 112 Clips (Only Hard Movies)

Mysteria’s Trance – HD

Play Video
Mysteria has captured Supergirl and puts her under her spell! Supergirl is then ordered to please Mysteria in any way that she chooses – including cuddling with her and making out! Mysteria now has her own pet superhero!

Daphne Underwater

Play Video
Daphne is at the public pool at the resort in Mexico and decides to get naughty, flashing us underwater and playing with herself – all while trying to avoid guests walking around the pool! We also watch her swim underwater.

Categories: Rape, Abusive Game, RolePlay Snuff, Bagging, Naked Teenagers, Collection, MegaPack

SeductiveStudio SiteRip – 112 Clips (Only Hard Movies)

Tags: Abusive Game, Bagging, Collection, Naked Teenagers, Rape, RolePlay Snuff

Screen Shots on First Place in Download Folder

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Description Some Clips:

Kayla the spy part 2

Several hours have passed and Kayla is determined to get back the stolen codes before her boyfriend can do any harm. She sneaks into his home, armed with a machine gun. She sees that he is not around, and starts to search his living room. Hearing his door open, he sneaks up from behind, and sets upo .

Daphne’s Casting Call Part 1

Frank has arrived at Daphne’s house with a work offer. She spurns him initially, for Frank always wants to film her doing sick fetish work and she has her sights set on real TV and movies, not dingly bondage movies. He swears this one is different, that the network has given the ok for a TV pilot, a .

Crink in her neck Part 2

Daphne’s enjoyable neck massage has turned into a struggle to gasp for breath as the man’s hands tighten around her slender neck. She chokes and sputters and tries to draw a breath as long as she can, but his grip is relentless and eventually she succumbs to the strangulation and goes limp. He takes .

Daphne & Scarlett Gun Fun

A fun compliation of machine gun, single shot gun executions. Some great body twitching as each girl gets it multiple times.

Daisy, Drunk., Limp

Daisy has been out drinking at the club and against her better judgement, went back to a guy’s house that she had met out at the club. He asks her to stay for a nightcap, but she blows him off, and says that she wants to go home now. He thought that she might just be a tease, and that is why he .

Breaking Up is Hard To Do Part 1

Carly’s boyfriend had been acting really sweet latley. He was bringing her flowers, and taking her on dates. He kept asking her if she wanted to move in together, but Carly wasn’t sure if she was ready for this step in the relationship. He had been sleeping over alot, and this time he had plans f .

Daphne’s Rainy Day

This is a finger nail biting fetish video. Daphne is waiting for her date, and is biting her fingernails impatiantly.

Daphne and Kayla’s Topless Balloon Popping

Daphne heres balloons popping downstairs. She’s comes downstairs, and to her surprise her friend Kayla had come over to set up for her roommate party but she got really turned on when she started to blow up the balloons. When Daphne saw her, she took off her top and joined the fun!

Tube Sock Toy Gun

Daphne, Audra and Jamie are having a toy gun fight. Daphne and Jamie have on tight gym shorts and tall tube socks. Audra looks hot as usual in her tight pink dress. If you enjoy toy gun videos, you’ll love this one, full of sexy poses, body piles and some great twitching as the girls get pumped full .

Daphne & Summer Play Truth Or Dare

Daphne invited Summer over to play truth or dare. She secretly had a crush on Summer and she was hoping that if she got her to play truth or dare then maybe she could get Summer to get a little naughty with her. Daphne had been fantasizing about Summer, since they had become friends, and its been .

Tanya Armwrestle Humiliation

Tanya is set to armwrestle this big meat head she knows from the gym. It just goes to show ya the bigger they are, the harder they fall! She whoops his ass and makes him kiss her biceps to make matters worse!

Double Date Part 1

Daphne and Christina have just arrived at a guys house that Daphne met online. He invited them over for drinks before going out on a date. The girls arrive, and are a bit put off by his different appearance then what Daphne saw online. He gives her a quick explanation and invites them in. They agr .

Nose Play

Daphne is entering her apartment after a day out with the girls, as she deadbolts the door, she never once thought to check in the closet, maybe someone was already there, waiting patiently for her to come in. and lock herself soundly inside. As she steps into the living room to remove her high h .

The Science Experiment Part 1

Daphne was taken to a lab where she was created to feed off other humans energy by sucking it out them through a kiss. She escaped from the lab, and 2 employees were sent to capture her. They were given an address as to where she could be. They arrived at the house and seperated to find her. .

Hypno Therapy Part 1

Daphne and Jenny have been having some problems in their lives, a girl at work has suggested they visit a hyp therapist to try and get some positive results. They check Craigslist, and after a few emails, end up at someone’s house. The girls state their problems and what they would like to achieve. .

Jenny & Daphne Armwrestle Rematch!

The girls want a rematch of their last armwrestling match. Jenny is brutal with no holds barred!

Jenny & Kelly’s Balloons

Jenny and Kelly have got a huge pile of balloons to pop! Watch as they pop them with their heels, sit on them, and tease a few with their fingernails! POP!

Justice Girl – Kelly

Justice Girl is being played by Kelly. She is sent to investigate a home in the city. She sneaks in and starts to explore when she is set upon from behind. The masked man plunges a needle into her neck, and she goes limp in his arms. he drags her to the next room. Justice Girl is tied to a c .

Daphne’s Shower Torture

Daphne is tied up in the shower and taunted and tortured by a man that has kidnapped her. He subjects her to punches and knees to the stomach, wraps his belt around her neck and chokes her, hoses her down and electro tortures her.

Justice Girl Kim Part 1

Kim stars as “Justice Girl” in this action packed thriller. Justice Girl has been sent to investigate a possible meth lab in the city. She enters the house, and searches around for any possible illegal activity. Her senses pick up that something doesn’t seem right. right as she’s set upon fro .

Kelly’s Face Smother

Kelly is punishing a boy, by sitting on his face while she reads the paper. He tries to talk back but she puts him in his place quickly.

Kelly Tickle Torture

Kelly is tied up and tickled. And of course. she hates it! She really is super ticklish, so these are 100% real!!!

Daphne & Carly’s Sugar Fight

Carly has just moved into the neighborhood and headed next door to borrow a cup of sugar for some sugar cookies that she was baking. Daphne had heard that she had slept with half of the boys in the complex and was happy to give her a cup of sugar.. along with a mouthfull of what she thought of her .

Daisy’s Workout Part 1

Daisy was working out hard in her living room, building up quite a sweat when there was a knock at the door. She took a break, and answered, noting that it was only the heating and air service man, making a routine check. She let him in, and went back to her routine. As the repair man setup his .

Lily Druw Part 1

Lily Druw has been investigating an old case of a big jewel heist. The trail has ended here at an old mansion and Lily is determined to crack the case! She phones her girlfriend Daphne and tells her that she is going to investigate and sets out to check out the basement of the mansion. Lily is snoop .

Slave Trader Part1

This is a custom video featuring Female Slaves, Hand and Foot Bondage, and focuses on the girls walking while tied together. Daphne has just found her newest slave to be, Melissa. She gets her home, handcuffs her and begins to tie her to the chair when the doorbell rings. It’s her next door neigh .

Ready or not, here i cum again, Part 1

Daphne is brought down by Carly and Daisy and pinned down to a bed. Daphne tries to fight but the girls overpower her and tie her spread eagle to the bed and cover her mouth with duct tape. Carly and Daisy then take turn rubbing Daphne’s crotch bringing her to orgasm again and again against her will .

The Office – Alternate Part 1

Similar to Models – Alternate this film features Sophie, Daphne, Kelly and Jenny . Part 1 features Daphne as an agent who’s mission is to shut down a rival company. She captures the rival girls, shackles them and marches them around. ( This is a handcuff/leg shackle custom ). Jenny is tied up and . .

Jenny’s Arrest

Armholding custom* This video features several scenes of Jenny being apprehended and escorted out to a vehicle and searched, much as a police search would be. She is frisked, dragged and patted down. There is also a scene with Lily as the victim at the end.

The Vampire Slayer Part 1

Daphne is cast as the vampire slayer in this film and is hunting the dark creature into it’s lair. She makes her way into the house slowly approaching the bed. She sees the vamp under the blanket and springs onto the bed plunging her sharpened stake into it’s chest. Something is wrong. The vampi .

Cheerleader Belly Beating

Poor Sophie is all tied up and hanging from the ceiling. You know what? I hate cheerleaders. Time to give this stuck up bitch a good belly beating.

Come Clean

Come Clean Agent Lily has tracked Agent Daphne to her hideout. Daphne will give up the information that Lily needs. if Lily has to beat it out of her. Agent Daphne refuses to co operate, and the girls fight it out! *Custom video from the same writer as Biker Bitches, and Mr. Big*

RueMorgue SiteRip – Abusive Game, Strangle, RolePlay Snuff

RueMorgue SiteRip – 48 Clips

Categories: Abusive Game, Strangle, RolePlay Snuff, Asphyxiation, Bloody Torture, Pack

RueMorgue SiteRip – 48 Clips

Tags: Abusive Game, Asphyxiation, Bloody Torture, RolePlay Snuff, Strangle

The Curator of the Creepy collectibles, I’ve been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I’ve written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The Horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic film Halloween.

Screen Shots on First Place in Download Folder

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Launched in 1997 by Rodrigo Gudiño, RUE MORGUE is the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment brand, spearheaded by its multiple award-winning magazine, Rue Morgue and Rue Morgue Digital; Rue Morgue TV specialty horror channel; Rue Morgue Coffin Box subscription box; the Rue Morgue Library book series; Rue Morgue Presents Frightmare In the Falls horror expo and Rue Morgue Presents CineMacabre Movie Nights monthly film series.

Rue Morgue Cinema, the company’s award-winning film production arm produced its flagship release, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, starring Aaron Poole and Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave.

Rue Morgue Magazine issued bimonthly and distributed worldwide.

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