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An arrogant woman is leading that company with an iron fist, till she decides to fire the wrong employee without motive. He attacks her, rapes and strangles the bitch to death…

A hooker is called for a job where she has to wear a fur, little thing she knows is her client is wanting to chloroform and strangle her!

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Inshadow SiteRip – 172 Clips
Tags: Rape, RolePlay Snuff, Russian, Strangling

A spy girl thought she was match to double cross the organization, but the killer sent to her tied her up and got the details he needed from her, before strangling her to death!

A couple of lesbians are making love upstairs while a burglar, thinking the house is empty, sneaks into the place downstairs…caught in the act, he will strangle the girls one by one, fullfill his foot fetish and rape them…

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It all startet like a common visit to a psycholog, she wanted to quit smoking by hypnose…she felt into a trap. Under hypnose, she is forced to have lesbian sex with another girl and watching her killed by strangulation, before being raped by the doctor and strangled to death as well…