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Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Execute The Secretary – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 196_PKF_Execute The Secretary
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 473 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration: 39 min 3 s

Description: After a short introduction, Savannah is off to work. But, she gets turned on by what she sees in the monitor and starts pleasuring herself.

As she does this, her new boss, Pete and his supervisor, Chris, watch. They note that she is breaking company policy-no masturbating unless conducting a suicide. But, they decide to let her finish anyhow.

She worked herself up to a big orgasm, then straightened herself up just in time for her bosses to confront her. She played “dumb blonde” about it, but they did not cut her any slack and walked her to a room across from her desk.

She was restrained with her hands above her head, tied to a rope attached to the ceiling. The men discussed her fate and she pleaded with them.

Raising their silenced pistols, they fired. She was hit in each breast. She reacted to the pain and slumped forward-the rope holding her up. She moaned in agony and begged again for her life. After some discussion and watching her suffer, they fired again. Another shot hit her just below her breast and another nicked her in the side.

She slammed back against the wall with the impact, then slumped forward again. A flood of piss came out, soaking the floor around her feet. She moaned.

With encouragement from his boss, Pete walked up and split her blouse open for better views. He also rubbed her crotch through her wet pantyhose. After a while, they decided it was time to finish her off.

They fired again. This time one shot hit her squarely in the chest and another in her breast. She jerked, slumped forward and was dead. Her bladder released again.

Chris cut her down, letting her fall hard to the floor. He checked out the body, rolling her over and back, then left the room to let Pete have some fun with her.

Pete stripped off all her clothes except her pantyhose. He played with her for a bit, then put her into a chair so he could fuck her mouth. After a while, he came all over her face. Then, he left.

Later that evening, Chris came back to clean up. He removed her pantyhose, then cleaned around her wounds before leaving her posed for the disposal crew to pick up.
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Kalas Last Night – PKFStudios.com SiteRip

Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Kalas Last Night – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 195_PKF_Kalas Last Night
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 492 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration: 39 min 45 s

Description: I have been watching Kala for weeks now. She was beautiful, always working late. I would frequently watch her through her partly opened office door as she sat at her desk. She always looked perfect, meticulous about her appearance; frequently taking breaks to “freshen up”. As the night janitor, I had access the the entire office complex and would frequently watch her whenever she was on the move. Tonight, she was a beautiful as ever. She sat for some time, rubbing her pantyhose clad feet..sore from another hard days work and what will be another late night. She got up to get a file and when climbing down from the stepstool, tore her pantyhose. I watched as she sat down, pulled the ripped pair off and put on a brand new pair. I pulled the old pair out of the trash and moved silently behind her. I quickly wrapped it around her neck. Her reaction was sudden and violent, but I held her tight. She dug her heels in and slammed me back against the filing cabinet, but I relentlessly keep my grip and finally spin her around off the chair and onto the couch. She bucks, kicks and spasms, her eyes wide, tongue out..her body starts to jerk uncontrollably, then slows. Her eyes roll up then slowly close and she is unconscious. For a while I spend time admiring and caressing her body, then I pick her up and take her down to the basement-my home. I flop her roughly down on my mattress and strip and molest her body. Then, when she is naked, I finger her pussy for a bit before having sex with her. When I climax, she wakes up. I quickly flip her onto her stomach and pull the nylon garrote tight, placing my knee in her back, her whole body arches back-the garrote digging into her soft flesh. Again, she struggles, but not as hard as before, still woozy and in a strained position. She looses consciousness again and I let her head slowly settle into the bedding. I knew it was time to finish it. I rolled her back onto her back. This time when she woke up, I clamped my strong hands around her neck and squeezed. She had more strength.her whole body tensing up-lifting up off the mattress, legs spreading, kicking, arms flailing. Her face contorted, twisted, her beautiful face, now smudged with makeup and sweat. She was no longer the perfectly beautiful administrate assistant, but now a twisted, sweaty, beaten down, mass of tortured girl fighting for her life and perhaps knowing the fight was lost. She kept trying though..jolts of spasms twisting through her body, her tongue lashing out, her hands desperately trying to pull at my wrists, as if there was hope of moving them. I remained devoted to killing her. I felt her sticky, sweaty flesh under my fingers, the muscle and arteries pulsing in her neck. Now she was slowing. Her eyes started to fixate and her arms started to spasm and body pulse and twitch. She got slower, slower, slower, and then she did what she had done the last couple times. Her eyes fluttered and closed. This time, however, I did not let go. I few seconds passed and suddenly there was a last surge of energy as her body and perhaps mind made a last effort to live. Her hand came up to my shoulder, fingers digging into my shirt and skin beneath. But her grip quickly fail, her arm fell, her body stopped.I heard a last gurgle emerge from her mouth. I let go, seeing out red her neck was where I had my death grip on her. Though her makeup was ruined and she was drenched in sweat and fluids, she was beautiful to me. I climbed on her and fucked her one more time, cumming all over her belly. I picked her up and took her back to her office, posing her in her chair. I left her like that, then walked out, closing the door behind me.
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Necromancer – PKFStudios.com SiteRip

Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Necromancer – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 194_PKF_Necromancer
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 492 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration: 40 min 37 s

Description: Alexander has a panoche for dead girls. He is also a Warlock. He has spent years perfecting the art of re-animation. He has discovered by having sex with a freshly buried girl he can bring them back to be his sexual servant.

Jizzabelle was a nice girl. She liked shinny things & men with fast cars. She also liked cocaine-a lot. When her latest fling dumps her for a 18 year old nymphomaniac, she just had to do a big pile of blow. Her heart exploded.

Alexander, during a obituary perusing session, finds Jizzabelle’s story. Party time. A shovel, his lucky rain gear & he is off to do some digging.

Once she is free from her earthen grave, Alexander takes his prize to his ceremony spot. His meticulously planned rite is performed to perfection. After fucking her dead, limp, cold corpse for a while-she comes alive. Hornier than most in life so is Jizzabelle in death. Her postmortem sexual appetite is voracious. Unlike any Alexander has experienced.

Alexander does his best to keep up with Jizzabelle, but 2 days of solid hard sex has left him in need of some rest. He stores his dead girl in the fridge. After some rest, he retrieves the dead girl for some more sex. Again her sexual appetite is to much for Alexander & he put her back in the fridge for some more rest.

Jizzabelle scratches at the door until she is freed to seek cock. She finds it & goes at it again. Alexander has had enough & viciously strangles the dead girl until she is, um-dead-AGAIN.

But, she comes back. She wakes him again. He draws his weapon & double taps the dead girl in the belly & boob. She flies back &… Dies?.. Or? Alexander is not sure what is going on-he just wants to rest. He knew she was dead for sure this time.

She comes back again. This time Alexander takes a page from every zombie movie ever made. Head shot. She falls like a rock. DEAD!

The End?
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Sorority Nine-Hollywood Edit – PKFStudios.com SiteRip

Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Sorority Nine-Hollywood Edit – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 193_PKF_Sorority Nine-Hollywood Edit
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 493 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration: 40 min 28 s

Description: 9 beautiful girls alone during the weekend in thier sorority house. Two killers, each with different agenda’s kill the girls one by one.

In the end, no one lives to tell the tale of this day. All the girls end up in one big body pile.

It’s Saturday and most of the sorority girls went home for the weekend. But 8 girls remain, some studying, some getting ready to go to a party. A 9th girl, an alumni, watches over the house. Her story is that 2 year earlier a professor stalked her. He was sent away and as compensation, the school paid for her education and are providing her with housing. But today is a fateful day, because that professor is back, with an plan for murder.

Outside, as he is breaking into the house, a second killer arrives. He plans to kill all the girls. The agree to stay out of each others way.

Soon, both plans are in motion and one by one the girls fall prey to the killers.

In the end, none remain and both killers join forces to create a large body pile-a beautiful finale to their work.
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Groundhog Day – PKFStudios.com SiteRip

Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Groundhog Day – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 191_PKF_Groundhog Day
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 554 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration: 38 min 39 s

Description: Story: It has been over 400 days of the same day. Over and over he was repeated this day. Every day, at 7am, his alarm would go off, and the day would start over. The same bitch of a girlfriend would wake him up by smacking him in the chest. She would be in a rush to get dresses and meet her sister. He would be groggy and barely able to get his robe on. Later at work, he answered the same phone calls day after same day.

He wanted to die.

And, then, something different happened. He realized, he could change things. He realized, he could changed anything in any way and it would not matter.

Today when he woke up, he felt like a new man. Something was different and he was not going to let this feeling pass. This time, when she woke up, he made a difference.

He attacked her-latching onto her throat, the hate filled him. All the years of bitching at him with her whinny Jersey accent. And, for the last 400 or more days, hearing the same thing over and over. He had enough and he took it out in full force, throttling her until she was a lifeless dead bitch. He shoved her dead body off the bed, then there was a knock on the door. Her sister.

He opened the door, flinging her into the room and forced her to suck his cock as she cried and whined about her sister, laying dead and cooling on the floor behind him. He fucked her throat until she gagged over and over, then tossed her on the floor. He lifted her dress, pulled her panties to the side and fucked her over her dead sisters body. She was yelling and crying so he reached around and snapped her neck. Now he was fucking her dead body and he liked it.

7am. And the day was new again. No bodies. He was in the clear. and he had plans.

He told the bitch he had a present for her. She was happy for once-until he pulled out the knife. Before she could fully react, he plunged it into her heart. She skid off the knife to the floor, barely alive for a moment, then faded away.

The sister was at the door, do he welcomed her to the partly. More forced oral, then he made her strip and stabbed her in the belly. As she lay suffering, he could not help but thing-this is the best day ever. He plunged the knife into her breast and she arched back and then died.

When he woke up, he did not mince words. He yanked her out of bed, gun in her face, forcing her to suck his cock-she was terrified and he loved it. She was getting her comeuppance for once.

When the sister came, he turned it into a quick sister sister make out session then had them both licking and sucking his cock at gun point. But, soon the fun was over and he made one sister watch as he shot the other-his girlfriend. She looked down at the hold in her tummy, confused, then he ripped two more shots into her breast and chest. She flew back on the bed, suffering for a bit, then dead.

He turned his attention to her sister. Her arms in the air, like she just don’t care-but he knew she cared and after a moment of staring at her, shot her in the breast. She fell onto the couch, clutching her wound in pain, blood oozing out. He let her suffer for a but, then lifted her skirt and shot her in the pussy. She suffered immensely before finally going into that good night.

he was exhausted, so he cleared off his bed by shoving his dead girlfriend to the floor-again, then curled up for a nights sleep and another new day.

Only, when he woke up, it was a new day-but not the same day. Tme had moved forward. The bodies were still in his apartment. Cold and dead. Oh fuck.

No worries. he decided to make the best of it.

He fucked his dead girlfriends cool corpse-took a break to fuck her sisters dead, agape, mouth, then back to the girlfriend until finally shooting his load all over her.

He was done, done with everything and made that known, leaving his apartment littered with bodies and questions that will forever be unanswered.
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Peachy Keen Films SiteRip – Sleepover Girls – John Marshall Snuff Porn Video Download

File Name: 190_PKF_Sleepover Girls
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 565 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration: 41 min 35 s

Description: Alisha is hanging out with her BFF, Allie. They are having a sleepover and talking about boys and girl stuff. Both 18, they are week away from graduation and going off to separate colleges.

Allie’s big, and slightly “off” brother, keeps coming in and bugging them. It’s all fun and games at first, but things take a fatal turn when in the corse of messing around with Alisha, he knocks out his sister.

Panicked, he attacks Alisha too, knocking her out. He has been obsessing over her for a while and take his time taking advantage of her. He fondles her for a bit, then fucks her mouth with his cock. Back on the floor, he tastes her sweet pussy, then fucks her mouth some more. he rolls her over and slips his cock between her ass cheeks, fucking her tight teenage pussy.

Then, Alisha wakes up and there is a struggle. He finds a stocking, wraps it around her neck and starts strangling her. She struggles viciously, but is not match for his brute strength. After a long struggle, she is still-staring blankly. He is mesmerized by her death, but continues to explore her until finally fucking her, now dead body, from behind again.

After a bit, Allie wakes up and witnesses the rape and then, realizes her friend is dead. She screams.

Her brother captures her as she tries to escape. There is a struggle and now he is strangling her with the same stocking on the floor. She is tough, athletic-a cheerleader, but he is big and will win.

Once she is dead, he briefly looks her over before getting back to business.

He lays her by Alisha, then messes with them both. He movies them around a bit until he can get a good angle and starts fucking his sister mouth. Then he rolls his sister on top of Alisha so both of there asses are stacked. He then fucks each of their pussies, switching back and forth. He settles on Allie, pulling her back off and continuing to fuck her. Then he changes their positions again and fucks Alisha missionary until he cums all over them both.

He takes a souvenir and leave his dead sister and friend for his parents to find later.
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