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File Name: 290_Psycho-Thrillers – Bundy 9-The Package
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 1.00 GB
Resolution : 720×480
Duration: 30 min 10 s

Description: Editor’s Notes: If you like double girl kills with lots of body handling, double strangulation and 2 young girls, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: Two co-eds come back to their apartment. Outside their door, they find THE PACKAGE. When they open it, they find a black ski mask, black leather gloves and a wire garrote. They get a call from the man who sent the packag. He lets them know he’s going to fuck and strangle them, that he’s watching them now and they can’t do anything to stop him. The women decide to call the police but decide they have to get out of the apartment fast. But it’s too late. The killer jumps out from the garage and runs into the living room and punches out Nadia. Victoria runs down the hall but is caught with a cloth-line stiff arm. He carries her back to the living room and places them both on a couch. He slowly undresses them, fondles. He then undresses himself. He then puts on the ski mask and gloves. He slowly garrotes them while fucking them from behind. After he’s done, he tells the corpses he’s going to send the package somewhere else to use again.

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