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File Name: 285_Psycho-Thrillers – Bikini Sex Strangler
Video Format: mp4
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Resolution : 720×480
Duration: 29 min 13 s

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Editor’s Notes: I think this is one of the best urination scenes we’ve ever done plus this movie is packed with the content you love to see.
Description: Emy plays a young girl catching some rays in the sun. Bored, she calls upon her hired help to rub lotion all over her body. She teases him but threatens to fire him is his hands come too close to her private areas. Mr. Kim cannot resist and makes mistakes in touching her until finally she has enough and orders him away. A moment later, Emy walks across the backyard and opens the back door to enter when she is grabbed suddenly and smashed across the face. Emy goes down hard and is then carried away over her attacker’s shoulders.

They enter her bedroom where he tosses her onto the bed and goes to work. His hands admire and worship her body then slowly peel her bikini away until she is nude. She moans as she feels him eating her pussy. She slowly awakes to find her pussy buried in a man’s mouth. She pulls her pussy lips out of her mouth and tries to run. She reaches the door but it is locked and he catches up to her, grabbing her and wrapping her bikini top around her throat. He uses it as leverage to pull her back to the bed and on top of him.

Once he feels he has her, he pulls tighter and watches her thrash and kick for her life. Drool pours from her mouth as she tries to kick out. He pulls even tighter until he takes the wind out her sales, slowly her down dramatically. She reaches out for him and her hand incidentally finds his cock. Trying to squeeze it to cause pain and free herself, she is too weak and can only stroke it, turning him on more, encouraging him to distinguish the little flame of her life. The room becomes silent as death waits for a few more moments. Emy goes into shock then releases herself, giving up on winning her life back. He releases the strap then checks her pulse as her body twitches.

He rolls her over and continues what he started, driving his prick into her wet pussy then spraying her backside with his seeds of love. The rolls her over roughly then sits her up and lets her fall several time before spreading her and posing her. He leaves the room, missing the great event of Emy’s long powerful stream of pissing, her urination spraying the bed with a beautiful rainbow arch.

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