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Description: A young secretary is working late. She gets a call from her boss and she tells him about all the heat she has been getting from clients. The are all mad-thinking he has taken their money and how has skipped town. He tells her to grab some important files, then go home and he will meet her soon.

She goes to teh file drawer, carrying out his instructions, but when she turns around there is a man, standing a few feet from her.

He seems agitated.

She tries to calmly get him to leave, but he wants to know where his money is and wants to know where he can find the man who stole it-her boss.

But, she didn’t know and all she could do was try to explain that too him. But, things turn physical, he gets violent, slapping her hard to the ground, then pulling her pack up, punching her in the belly. She crumples back to the ground and he kicks and stomps her until she is a quivering mess of tears and pain.

He forced her back up at knifepoint, threatening her, constantly asking her where her boss is. But, she does not know. He forces her to strip to her braw and panties, heels and stockings, then cuffs her and places her on a chair.

He tazers her all over until she is quivering she finally goes out. He takes the time to rummage through the office looking for evidence of his money or the mans location. She wakes up and tries to leave, but he throws her to the ground and tazers her-watching as her who body arches and spasms as the electricity courses through her.

He then forced her on her knees and jams his hard, throbbing cock down her throat, making her gag on it and drool.

After a while, he put her up on her desk, cuts off her bra an panites. he roughly sicks on her tits, then fingers her tight pussy. Her heels and stocking stay on.

He pushes her legs apart, her back smashed on her computer terminal, and slips his cock in, fucking the poor girl. She is covered with sweat and he pounds her tight, innocent, secretary pussy until he almost blows his load. But, he waits, flipping her over, the fucking her bent over her desk.

Later, he movies her to the chair, knees tucked underneath her, he is able to thrust his cock in really, really deep, feeling just how warm and tight she is, he finishes by unloading his cum deep inside her.

Later, he forced her to suck him off until he fills her mouth with his hot semen, then he pushes her on the floor where she curls in a ball-sobbing.

Back on the chair, her arms still cuffed behind her, it was time to leave a message for her boss-unfortunately, she was that message.

he wraps a garrote around her neck. Her body tenses up, arches, eyes wide, rolling back, tongue out, and she jerks and bucks trying hard to live.

After a struggle the fall to the floor and she spreads her legs wide and the garrote digs deep into her soft neck. He grabs her hair, pulling her neck back to watch her face as the garrote ends her life.

Her body bucks, jiggles and jerks, but after a long long struggle, her eyes roll back, face becomes slack and she is still. He lets her flop to the ground, then repositions her as a nice presentation if and when the boss returns. He gives her one more look, then leaves the battered, nude, dead body of the young, innocent secretary for someone to find.

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