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File Name: 300_PKF_Aspens End
Video Format: mp4
File Size : 578 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration: 33 min 50 s

Description: Starring Aspen Ora and Miles

ThereТs an intruder in AspenТs home, but she doesnТt know it yet. She has just moved into her new apartment and hasnТt finished unpacking yet. SheТs on the phone with a friend when the intruder attacks her, throwing her to the floor and wrestling her hands behind her back.

He tells her to stop struggling as he ties her hands with pantyhose. He gags her and throws her on the bed were he proceeds to fuck her mercilessly with his big cock. Aspen moans through the gag in pleasure and terror as he works her pussy over, not letting up.

He uses the pantyhose around her neck to choke her through the bed frame as he pounds her pussy from behind. She gags and spits as his cock pushes deeper and deeper. He chokes her too hard and she passes out. He plays with her body and sucks on her nipples before she comes to.

He thrusts his massive dick into her tiny throat so she can gag on it. HeТs had enough of her throat and goes back to filling her pussy as he chokes her with her pantyhose. He changes positions several times, from doggystyle to cowgirl and back, to reverse cowgirl, all while choking her.

Finally, the choking becomes too much and she dies, leaving him with a little necro fucking to perform so that he can cum that special load. He fucks her dead, lifeless body hard as she stares blankly ahead. He fucks her in a variety of positions until he blasts a massive load onto her pretty, little, dead face.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Innocent, Alone, Intruder, Pantyhose, Choking, Gag, Pussy Fucking, Hard Fucking, Choke, Deep Throat, Gaging, Spit, Passing Out, Death, Necro Fucking, Tit Sucking, Cumshot, Facial, Body Shots, Death State, Foot Shots

Categories: Bloody Game, RolePlay Snuff, Stabbing, Bagging, Rape, Strangling, Nurse Snuff, Necro Porn, Rape Necrophilia Porn

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